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Here's a great 17-minute video tutorial by travel photographer and educator Jimmy Mc Intyre on how to do so in Photoshop CC. That's what photographer Akhil Suhas was thinking when, while planning his 6-month trip across the country after university, he packed a Gandalf costume... Comedian John Crist made this humorous 3-minute video poking fun of the "The Millennial Marriage Proposal," in which a girlfriend being proposed to (played by Megan Batoon) is too focused on the resulting photos and videos to enjoy the moment.What better way to explore the far reaches of New Zealand ... My name is Benoit Florençon, and I'm a photographer based in Paris.

My collection of lenses grows each month; so much so that I recently had to accept the fact that I didn’t buy a big enough cabinet to store them all.We date because we’re looking for a best fit to our desires.There’s a lot that’s personal in GAS, believe it or not.with apparently no permission and no safety equipment.Behind every perfect inspirational travel photo and candid "girls night out" shot is an amateur boyfriend Instagram photographer.But both those groups are less interested in looks than convenience when it comes to cameras.

They want to date a Facebook-ready camera, not put up with their dad’s Nikon DSLR workflow.

He's always there, sometimes contorted into strange and awkward positions to get the shot, but rarely acknowledged... The Leica M Monochrom is special in the Leica lineup due to the fact that it lacks a color filter, which improves image quality and restricts the camera to shooting black and white.

If you'd like a monochrome-only camera but don't want to shell out ,450 for the latest Leica M Monochrom, there are now converted Fujifilm cameras for a cheaper alternative.

You can certainly make mirrorless cameras without an EVF hump, as a few have shown (Sony A6300, for instance), but it’s amusing to watch all my old-fogey buddies pooh pooh such cameras immediately simply because “they don’t look right.” At this point, a camera has to look and work like a camera to get much resonance with the over 40 crowd, because all the previous camerafriends they’ve dated were that way.

True, the Japanese thought that they were branching out into new markets, specifically catering to women and the millennials.

So the relevant questions for GAS turn out to be the similar to the ones you might ask your date.

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    If you opt to keep your repayments the same, your mortgage will take longer to pay off.

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    While it's not the same as emo, the goth scene has many common interests, styles, and some musical similarities.

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    Those who were neurotic use dating sites to build an identity, as a convenient companion, and as a distraction.