Loser dating

20-May-2015 20:33 by 3 Comments

Loser dating

Unsupportive men are usually the type who would rather not try than fail, and this makes them losers by default.There is nothing wrong with your man wanting you to himself.

That doesn’t however mean that it’s okay for him to blow you off.

There is a difference however between making a joke and making a person laugh, and being immature.

Losers are the type of men who refuse to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions.

Times are changing and it is no longer the sole responsibility of the man, to pay things such as dinner and nights out.

That doesn’t mean however that you should be paying for everything either.

If your man is always leaving his wallet at home or he is spending all his money on himself, and then expecting you to bail him out, then he is a loser.

We all have dreams and aspirations and our partners are the people who are meant to support those goals, irrelevant to what they are.

There are the hopeless romantics, who will whisk you away to watch tropical sunsets and hold the door open for you, when you get your taxi home.

There are the players, who thrive when playing mind games and thinking that they have the advantage.

If your man can’t trust you to be faithful to him and honest, then that’s his problem not yours and you shouldn’t allow him to make you think any different.

If your man only ever pleases himself and doesn’t bother about you, then that means he is selfish in bed.

If your man is constantly ditching plans you have made together, so he can go see his mates, then you are a dating a loser, who clearly doesn’t understand the importance of putting you first.