Most intimidating goalie masks

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The most interesting part of this is what games some of them picked, as you wouldn’t think Rikku and Yuna from Final Fantasy X would exactly be the most intimidating choices.Check out the full gallery below: I think I'm a part of the first generation of journalists to skip print media entirely, and I've learned a lot these last few years at Forbes.

His traditional hockey mask was tweaked to fit the Blackhawk’s mascot.Still in the early days of mask design, Dryden breaks the top three for being one of the earliest to incorporate team branding into his mask design.sporting minimalist designs that are entirely focused around their team’s visual identity, but Dryden’s red and navy stripes pioneered this way of thinking about mask design.Regardless, the number of unique mask designs that have graced NHL rinks is too high to count.Even the goaltenders who then adopted the new form of protective gear didn’t think much about the appearance of them until the 1970’s when Gerry Cheevers began putting markings on his mask every time he was hit in the face, either with a puck or a skater’s stick.It’s been said that Gratton hoped the mask would scare or distract opponents, but his In the Sharks’ inaugural season, Hayward’s mask stole the stage for its bold and in-your-face paint job.

Following in the footsteps of Gratton’s mask with a serious intimidation factor, the blood-dripping teeth surrounding the face opening of Hayward’s bucket created the illusion of a shark swallowing the goaltender inside the mask.The standard white hockey masks of the early years have transformed into their own works of art.It seems that each goalie continually tries to outdo the next in design, but everyone has their own opinion of art, and there are plenty of NHL goalies that take their craft quite seriously.While there are humorous masks on the list below, there are others that feature memorials or dedications to people that have been lost.Here are the 30 most incredible NHL goalie masks of all time.Their masks are typically the ones you see more than any others, so you get a better chance to literally stare at them and admire their style.