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Myth: Disagreements always create problems in a relationship.Fact: Conflict doesn’t have to be negative or destructive.

Regardless of where or how you meet someone, though, it always takes time to really get to know that person.Fact: While there are health benefits that come with being in a healthy relationship, many people can be just as happy and fulfilled without being part of a couple.Despite the stigma in some social circles that accompanies being single, it’s important not to enter a relationship just to “fit in.” Being alone and being lonely are not the same thing.Fact: It’s never too late to change any pattern of behavior.Over time, and with enough effort, you can change the way you think, feel, and act.When you focus on keeping yourself happy, it will keep your life balanced and make you a more interesting person when you do meet someone special.

Remember that first impressions aren't always reliable.

That’s why you may want to start by re-assessing your beliefs and expectations about love—especially if you’ve been burned repeatedly or have a poor track record when it comes to dating.

Learning how to keep things in perspective, watch for red flags, and deal with trust issues will put you on the path to finding a loving relationship that lasts.

Finding the right romantic partner is often a difficult journey, for several reasons.

Perhaps you grew up in a household where there was no role model of a solid, healthy relationship and you doubt that such a thing even exists.

Nothing is as unhealthy and dispiriting as being in a bad relationship.

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