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Most Chinese women, if they had a choice, always want what they want, but in a Chinese man FIRST! So if hair is a deal breaker for you, ask about it up front (within a few weeks meeting them/use your best judgement), then ask if they would be willing to trim or shave that for you. They may not know much about your country, or just the shit they see on CCTV.Anyone that really knows Chinese people period, knows this. Also if they shave their whole body for you as you ask, they may feel inadequate about your appreciation of their natural body, even though she may never tell you that, it is something to think about! (Communist Controlled TV if you are funny) Don't expect them to always know what the f**k you are talking about.

My basic disclaimer is that I cannot guarantee success from my guide, but you can get very damned close. Q: Kai what is an example of Chinese girls being very traditional?

Then hours or days later, they bring one of those jokes up again and it busts you over the head nicely with it! Seriously they are very witty they just don't like to use it the same way Western Women do. If a Chinese woman says something "Fucked-up" to you, see where they were going with that first, because you really do not know really know what they mean by that or if they meant harm to you. (get along well) B) A man that treats his family and her's well with respect, etc. (White skin/blue eyes/blond hair/ six pack abs/tall/sexy eyebrows/big arms/not very hairy body/etc....) 3. She never cared for what race of the man she was looking for, but any skinny guy Chinese or otherwise, would have bothered her, or got no attention from her. So now we know why they are willing to look abroad for laowai to marry instead. the ones that are good, can chose between MILLIONS of ultra hot early 20 somethings... You can have a sweet, pure, innocence young woman, that you can grow with or mold rather... Find one that is "down" with that sort of thing, if that is what you want...

If they tell you that you are getting too fat, they are not talking shit to you. Ask for clarity or re-read what they say multiple times. C) A man that is financially and socially responsible. Then when she meets me, a black guy with muscles, she goes -Time for some more realism. The women want a peaceful life with a man that loves them, and they can be happy without, drama "China Style".... Many Chinese girls are trusting and easy to talk to depending upon their ages and backgrounds. That said, they live in a country that they call "Hard Mode", so they are stupid, don't play games with them, especially if you are physically in China. Many Chinese women also do not shave their pussies and some don't shave armpits, and may not shave if you ask them to. I actually would not recommend a Chinese woman if body hair is a major deal breaker for you. At least ask about their hair situation up front, like Will Ndowd (a fellow HA member) does that, and I do that too, except we are the opposite because we hate that shaved p***y stuff and that would be a major deal breaker for us.

If you read that entire website, you probably would not need this guide much. The value of this guide is to give you quicker 10,000 foot views, mixed with some granular details, from an American MAN's perspective! Very direct and straight to the point most of the time.

That said lets go over some various highlights in the next section: Chinese women are very simple to learn and even though it may seem complex, they are not. If there was a type of woman a real logic driven man can get along nicely with it would be the blunt nature of a prudent straight forward type.

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And check out Five Reasons why you should attend a FREE Live AFA Seminar! This Guide is designed to help Westerners, find a Chinese wife in mainland China. I am an American, so much of what I write will come from that viewpoint. This guide is NOT useful for WHOREMONGERING or P4P (Paying for p***y).Those are the basic 7 themes the women will be looking for consciously, or sub-consciously!At this point it is time to introduce you to Crystal Tao's website called Go here and read through those archives.They can be snide or sarcastic but that is only after you have made several snide remarks first! Sometimes they tolerate quite a few things on that list before quitting them. Their divorce laws and REGULAR laws strongly favor the men to a point to where it is ridiculous.You may find yourself picking at them for a little while with humor or jokes, and they never bite. They are looking for a handful of things (in no order): A) A man that is nice to them and treats them well. Take my lady for example, she cannot stand skinny men. Like they can hit their wives and get away with it. If you are a Western man with none of those problems with what I just listed, keep on reading. and make them cry either like one douchebag claimed he did on Chinasmack.Crystal is a Chinese lady from Chongqing, she married a laowai (foreigner/you), and her website contains a wealth of knowledge on how to date Chinese Women and how to understand them.