Dating a weed dealer

02-Jan-2017 14:03 by 3 Comments

Dating a weed dealer - very intimidating

I’m not saying it’s great or right, but I’m not sure that the issue is really as big as it initially sounds.

Use the two search boxes to find posts on specific topics, and Sign Up to get posts by email. While initially you kinda think about big, brute guys and maybe a bit of Breaking Bad drama, I just rememered that I also had friends who dated drug dealers and hung out with drug dealers in high school (aged 16…) and those guys may have been kinda shady and not my cup of tea, but they certainly weren’t DANGEROUS.Maybe he puts the drugs in the glove box, maybe in his pocket or backpack.In any case, if AP gets pulled over and cop “smells pot” (and yes, I put this in quotes, bc I do think that while many times this is a legitimate cause on the part of the police to search the car, and they really DO smell pot, I also think that some officer/some police forces in some towns/areas of the US will “smell pot” anytime they pull over young people…our town is case in point.You only knew when they know but you couldn’t tell just by loooking at them.And they weren’t big in business, doing super criminal things, they basically brought a bit of weed to school -but technically they were drug dealers.I also don’t see how either of the APs would be endangered by such a situation.

So if I wasn’t sure, there was a dangerous criminal, I would definitely make sure before I open that box…

) The latter might also not turn me off a guy even though I want nothing to do with drugs.

I don’t think this is worth ruining your relationship with your AP over.

And she should be worried, since the Au Pair’s friend is putting herself and her group of Au Pairs in a potentially compromising position. The new wrinkle: It’s not an escort service, driving drunk, or dating a married guy — it’s dating a drug dealer. Last week she told me that one of her friends (a fellow au pair) met a guy online, who lives out of state, and happens to be a drug dealer.

Our au pair shared that she does not think this is a good idea, but didn’t say much else.

And don’t even get me started on the potential complications of a shared car between AP/HF with that regard. I don’t care whose toes got stepped in a case like this.

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