Row cannot be located for updating some values may

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Please provide us with a sample project, which illustrates this issue, so that we can see the problem in action.We will examine it and will do our best to help you.

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(I want to read the details, and stuff them below each other in a table cell in a HTML-doc) I guess the same syntax could be used to insert details when the user accidentally drop item on the master? Although I'm still confused with all properties and methods, I do appreciate your components more and more! Now, when I drag 'documents' from a tree onto the grid, the insert seems to fail (new records are 'closed' as soon as the cursor exits the new record.) Upon inspection, the records have been inserted into the DB, but they don't show up in the detail grid. Some values may have changed since it was last read'. If this doesn't help you resolve the issue, please attach a sample project demonstrating the problem.You can search all of the bugs that have been reported on our advanced search page, or the search form on this page.You can subscribe to the results of any search using the 'Feed' link that can be found on the search result page.Although I loose control while desperately fiddling with properties when things stop working, I have certainly not been tampering with ADOData Set1. Is it possible that setting one property automatically could lead to changes in other properties?The link you provided leads to entries describing similar problems as my checkbox-problems, so it may be a valid solution.The drag/drop code is unaltered, and it worked well before I tamed this Expand/Collapse-thing. I'm sorry, but the problem is not quite clear to me.

Unfortunately, I can't reproduce this issue The first problem is: The detail record I insert and enter data for seems to disappear from the grid when I exit the record, either by using keys or mouse, but it is actually stored in the database.

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OK, that expands one detail row for each master record. Two problems: 1) Not all rows in the master have detail records, but the detail is expanded anyway.

Guess this can be handled by calling Detail Has Children and some other magic stuff? Expand Buttons For Empty Details := True;2) Sorry, but I can't replicate the problem.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to Delphi at work, so I can't test it.